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Why we choose Forex?

Forex has good returns. Is it true? Yes it is true , we all agree. But what is about other side of Forex. In Forex your account can be burnt in minutes. Reason behind this is lack of time to observe market  continuously or lack of trading strategy you use.

Then what if professionals of Forex will manage your account to trade for you, to grow you account continuously with proper money management skills.

So for all busy and beginner traders who want consistent profit from Forex trading, we will manage your trading account.


 1. Minimum balance $500

 2. Leverage more than 1:200

 3. Refundable deposit according to balance of          account (standard chart for this is give below)       

 4. Standard brokers only 

         Refundable deposit standard chart

    Balance           Deposit

$500-$900            $50

$901 - $1499          $80

$1500-$3000        $100

more than $3000  $150

Heading 1

Returns , profit sharing and loss policy

  1. Daily 4_5 % profit.

  2. Maximum draw down 8_10 %

  3. Profit sharing will be after every 15 days (2 weeks ) according to your balance.( Standard chart given on right side.

  4. Profit share will be accepted from Paypal,skrill and card payment

  5. We will stop trading if your loss is more than 8-10 % of your initial capital from starting of week.If you don"t want continue we will share loss 50_50%.

  6. We will use specific lot size according to your balance ( chart given below)

Heading 1

Profit  share chart

Balance                 Sharing %

$500-$900                 50

$901 - $1499             45

$1500-$3000             40

more than $3000      35

Lot size used according to balance chart

Balance                     Lot size


$500-$900               0.01-0.05

$901 - $1499           0.01-0.07

$1500-$3000           0.01-0.09

more than $3000    0.01-0.11

To make deal with us for your Forex account you can contact us on Whatsapp, Telegram or on Live chat

Let,s have real business 
Let,s have real business


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